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Spanking Bare Bum A T Age 12 What Happend To The Good Old Bare Bum Over The Knee Spanking?

What happend to the good old bare bum over the knee spanking? - spanking bare bum a t age 12

I am a mother of 3 girls, aged 3, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., and all were beaten when they miss behave.

when I was little, my mother looked at me and said in your ass whip, if you would not seriously. and will be sent to the floor and my mother was sitting on my bed, pull the panties and sat down on his knees for a few good thrashing
I'm glad my mother did it because I was good for those who have never disaplined compared.
Still can not overthrow the old whip the pants to his knees?


olschool... said...

He is still alive and well in my house. I have 3 daughters, all of witch with the traditional way of the blows that you described.

olschool... said...

He is still alive and well in my house. I have 3 daughters, all of witch with the traditional way of the blows that you described.

beckychr... said...

Do not assume to know if I really care about this issue - but I'll give a serious answer.

When you spank, spanking usually naked buttocks. I do not really see why it has become big business. The immediate goal is beating the bounds of reason, the bite of a book is --- cons-productive nature of the blows to the layers of insulation.

I also think it is safer. Spanking on layers and layers, there is a risk of hitting too hard.

I also know that if a pair of pants makes a child by beating a much bigger impression.

To be disciplined, shame - Wow - The mother of them diapers, bathing, briefly exposing his back, in private, not a real big problem.

jwalker1... said...

Well, I'm 15 and slapped me for what I did wrong when we are in the mail from my mother took me by the arm and buttocks then.But if I'm at home over his knee and then my parents drag the pants back my buttocks below the bust presented again for 15 minutes with a paddle, then I must sit in a chair, his pants go down even for 1 hour and ohhhh I burn down.

Gerta P said...

I'm with you, Karen, my mother did spank his bare bottom when I misbehaved fine (this was not a rare event, I must admit). Also met my daughter (now 12 a.m. to 8 p.m.), and with good results. The only difference is that I leave in underwear.
Do not understand why people make such a noise, spanking as a pedagogical tool. Nobody has to decide, but the parents, but beat up.

Allen said...

Well, there's really nothing a good beating on the naked buttocks of his son. I teach this way and do not kill me. However, this does not mean it should be the only form of discipline. If this is the whip on lazy parents as bad as "Bum Savers ('s Pardon the pun)." And if you pervert (I personally do not believe), and go elsewhere for their fun. Please.

Jeremy J said...

Nothing has been the "good" it is still used. My children even better than me and the timing of the strike, which is exactly what I do. During my round naked in his back.

Spanking is an effective educational tool if used properly, not abused or "lazy parenting", as some have said here. I use it because it works.

Ahmed Agrama said...

The beating of my opinion, is effective, but the line between spanking and abuse is very thin, need to be vigilant while spank their children! I think spanking ass naked efficient, but also learn what the privacy of a child for him and take care not to make the child depends on physical punishment for the rest of your life ... This may make some beats to life with their children about sex ...

I hope that helped!

Christin... said...

No, I agree with Belle. My parents beat me, and I think it is a good way to teach them, cos they know that if they misbehave, a dull pain! People have more of everything that was known to child abuse spanking exaggerated. For all so afraid to discipline their children. great. Can not wait to see what was for children raised when the time comes for my children, children. Probably a control group without discipline. gosh was a great race.


I can tell you exactly what has happened to him! We have evolved!

We now know that smoking is bad for us that seatbelts save lives in the car, we must take care of our environment, women are not slaves to men automatically and can not be beaten. We have also learned that the conflict can have on a child with long-term negative consequences. We also now know that it is using effective alternatives to discipline.

BTW: it is wrong behavior and discipline written. Perhaps you do not learn the correct spelling, and behind them were too busy nursing your pain!

:] said...

I have never been very disciplined
and are wonderful!
IN dreams without a doubt, the parents of the child
except my own thoughts and views on religion

Spanking sometimes does not work for all

my brother has not recovered all the discipline and will make it all the time

now an irrelevance.

it depends on the person
Sometimes hitting is not always the best way to go to

Amy J said...

At a bare ass spanking me when I was small, and still sometimes better than me, if I do something very, very bad. In sux that are not the choice of the child and my parents, those who decide. its kind to be, I am educated, but I can say that dosnt give me the feeling that violence solves problems - that's stupid. I do not want anything bad lol
♥ ♥ ♥

Sanrio90 said...

No, I would not. I would use me to act problems, instead of like a Neanderthal, and every time someone knocks prey to solve.

Do not get me wrong, I think that spanking as a last resort when other sanctions should not be used to function, but not on the bare skin of the child.

Reality Check said...

Did you really? I ask because we think that a mother who know what to do when their 7-year-old has refused to do what they told him his mother and left to curse and practiced.
Reality Checker question - ask why? See URL!

~Mrs. GM2~ said...

haha - it's just a memory at the same time, the children with good behavior. Another not spank my children on the bare ground, but when I hear, then get a slap) on the floor (dress.

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